1st Blog post!

Hi there, lovely followers.

Firstly, thank you for following me- who knows where I’ll be leading you all, ha ha!! Hopefully….. to a moment in time when you’ll be able to hold a ‘hot of the press’ copy of ‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ πŸ™‚ The 1st in the series of my Kids of Kernow books.

Together with my illustrator, Andy , we are currently working hard on the final bits & pieces of artwork to compliment the words of the story.

Andy’s the talented one here, of course,whereas I’m only in charge of creating a sketch map to slip in the front of the book so as the reader can easily place where Mossy meanders throughout the story.

So- I’d love any feedback on my first attempt…

I’d really love to know what you all think…..likes/dislikes/child-friendly enough ( ages 7-11)/ leave b/w or colour in? etc etc

I wanted a child-drawn feel about it- which fortunately is the extent of my artistic talents anyway!

To give you a heads up about the places on the map….

Mossy lives in Puddleglenn, the main story takes place in Boscastle, she regularly dries her washing on wind turbines & Kismet (her Raven) often stops for a chat with the profile rock in Boscastle ( so called because it looks like the profile of Queen Victoria) & …..the rock comes to life & chats back!

7 thoughts on “1st Blog post!

    1. Thanks Trea- yes I wondered about colour too seeings as the illustrations themselves will be in colour! Thanks for your support xx


    1. Thanks Sheila, & thanks for subscribing πŸ™‚ Yes, getting a lot of comments re colour ……so, that’s what I’ll do πŸ™‚ xx


  1. This sounds just perfect for my 7 year old girl! We live in Boscastle and would adore to read about Magical Mossy and her adventures around our fabulous little village. Also know Andy and had no idea of his talents! We’re very excited about this!

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    1. Ahhhh, lovely! Thanks for all that Sarah πŸ™‚ It’s been a long time coming & the self- publishing side has been the most daunting aspect ..( being, way out of my comfort zones, lol) but I’m determined to push forward with it all this year! Lovely to know there’s a little girl in Boscastle waiting for Magical Mossy to be in print….a great motivator for me- thank you xx


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