…and now in colour!

Hello to you all, including several new followers I’ve noticed join our little Kids of Kernow gang since my first blog post- lovely to see you! Much appreciated.

It’s always good to know I’m not just talking to myself!

In response to my 1st blog post I was thrilled to get feedback about my sketch of a map showing where most of ‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ takes place.

Everyone who contacted me really liked it but unanimously agreed it should be in colour rather than black & white- so- here it is!

The updated version…..

I must admit I rather enjoyed doing this- definitely an activity for my inner child & I can highly recommend it for yours sometime.

Grab a picture to colour in, spill out a box of crayons, whilst singing along to old fave CDs & before you know it you’ve got something bright & beautiful to show for an afternoon’s work ……….if you’ve got a gold star to hand, bung one of those on your finished masterpiece, too!

Mine may not be a masterpiece- but I wanted a happy, child-friendly map for the front of the book & in its own way I’d like to think it’s bright & beautiful & appealing to a child’s imagination.

Again, though, I’d love your honest feedback please……

It’s definitely a step nearer to going off to Blue Poppy Publishing ready for Olli to work his magic to reduce the drawing to the correct size for use as a double page map at the front of the book- where, underneath the drawings will be the phrase-

“The Sea on the tide has no way of turning- but you can turn your whole world around, using only your thoughts.”

( Any other Roxy Music fans out there will recognise the beginning of that as lyrics from a verse, somewhere in the middle of ‘More Than This’- just don’t tell Bryan Ferry!!!)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts….

Lally X

( I’d best get used to signing myself as Lally – my childhood nickname – as that’s what I’m going to call myself on the cover of the book- I think it sounds more child-friendly, than Laraine :-))

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