Write what you know- Part 2

Hi, everyone & a big welcome to all of the new Kids of Kernow blog followers out there- you are nearly a 100 strong now & it is so lovely to feel that my Friday morning ramblings are actually reaching people& being read! THANK YOU ❀️

If you’re a newbie-I hope you’ve had chance for a quick catch-up on the 4 blogposts you’ve already missed? The expected publication run is this summer & I’d still welcome any feedback regarding the map I’ve drawn, which is to be included in the front of the book. The stages of it’s creation can be seen in both blogposts 1 & 2.

World Map on OpenMoji

So, ‘write what you know’ is what every fledging writer is told….because then it’s meant to be easy, right? πŸ™„

To those of you who aren’t already aware of my background please read my bio page on this website www.kidsofkernow.com/bio ( & the home page might be worth a visit , too πŸ˜‰ ) to save me rambling on about it all again here…..

Welcome back! Now, you’re all aware- newly or otherwise, you can see that I had a bit of a challenge on my hands.

How to turn the teachings of quite a clinical subject matter of Neuro-lingusitic programming (NLP) into a warm, comforting & empowering children’s story?

That’s where the backdrop of Boscastle came to my aid.

My inspiration

With my family, I’d been holidaying in Boscastle since 1999- never going anywhere else, in fact, EVERY year- because it spoke to us all.

What did it say to me?

I was just about to type, ‘I can’t quite put into words here, what ……’ but then caught myself – ha ha- because- well, that’s precisely what I have done, isn’t it?……however, it’s taken a whole book worth of words to do it! πŸ“— 🀣

Magical Mossy in Boscastle‘ tells the story of the first Kid of Kernow – Mossy- where she lives, how she goes about her days & introduces us to her faithful companion Kismet the Raven.

A murmuration of starlings- in a round about way – lead Kismet & then Mossy herself to Boscastle where an event is being held on the lawn as part of ‘ World Kindness Day’ . (Mossy’s favourite thing is kindness – check out her very own FB page where she posts ‘kind finds’ most days.)

There, they meet a young boy called Oli who is terrified of crowds. Mossy uses her Kernow magic to see how & when that fear began & sets to, teaching him how to use his own thoughts to overcome ever being afraid of crowds again!

It doesn’t go smoothly of course, not helped by Kismet’s dislike of seagulls & him being embarrased by some lobsters…..but there is ultimately a happy ending!

For those of you who are aware of NLP techniques -I’ve bestowed Mossy with the ability to help Oli change his sub-modalities and internal representations ( re-presentations), where his memories are concerned – disguised as ‘Kernow magic’.

At the end of the book there are a couple of extra pages too- a ‘Know-it-all Kismet’ section where Kismet fills the reader in about the history of places mentioned in & around Boscastle.

And- a ‘Kismet’s Questions’ section – in part a comprehension exercise for the reader & in part a reminder that the reader can use the tools Oli used to stop them from feeling scared about something, themselves! My intention here is to instill in the young reader, the adult of tomorrow, that they too can make their lives more magical by simply changing what they are thinking…..their thoughts!

My wish for the children reading this book, or having it read to them – and may I be so bold as to hopefully expect the adults too, to take away from it………….


Apart from checking out Mossy’s own FB page

I also have a FB page where I post about writing books for children/ the importance of reading etc – should you wish to follow either or both?

Thanks for keeping me company , my lovelies!

9 thoughts on “Write what you know- Part 2

  1. Oh wow, I’ve just found you & so glad I did. I can not wait to read this book myself as well as to my nephew, it sounds amazing. Andy is very talented, I’m a massive Disney fan so can see why the Disney man loved his work. Love the map at the front, colour is definitely way better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for reaching out & with such lovely, helpful comments too πŸ™‚ ……All being well they should be on the shelves for the summer school hols, watch this space ! πŸ™‚ xx


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