Deadlines and letters -ANLPSCWBI

Hi everyone!

Crikey- it’s been a blummin’ busy week!

I expect it has for alot of you with a whole load of restrictions being lifted across the country-YAY! In my little corner of Cornwall, Launcells to be precise – I’ve been too occupied with all things Kids of Kernow to fully partake of the newly acquired freedoms- apart from some retail therapy on Monday, of course – rude not to!

This has been due to …..drum roll……my team & I having some deadlines to meet in order to finally see ‘ Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ on the shelves!

I’m SO excited!

Andy- my wonderful illustrator now has a deadline of April 29th to get ALL illustrations together for me to OK, before they wing their way over to the wonderful Olli at Blue Poppy Publishing to start the formatting- along with my words!

Apart from the gorgeous book cover & 5 large colour illustrations to help tell the story, Andy has created numerous smaller illustrations too. These smaller, but no less beautiful graphics are to be included in many different aspects of the book- such as, along the spine of the book, as a page ornament appearing on the top of each page & as pictures for the extra pages at the back of the book. These include a ‘Know-it-all-Kismet’ page, a graphic of Kismet shamelessly advertising Book 2 & then even smaller graphics of Kismet in varying poses sitting a top each capital letter at the beginning of each of the 4 chapters!

( Not forgetting a very clever caricature of Andy, by Andy for the ‘ About the illustrator’ bit that Andy can’t wait to be included in the book, can you Andy, lol??? I think somewhere along the line I made it a condition of being the illustrator – so, you can’t get out of it now! Sorry, Andy!)

I hope to share some of these illustrations with you in future posts but for now here’s what I mean about Kismet sitting on the capital letters….hope you like It? (FAR from the finished article, but you get the idea?)

So- that’s Andy & Olli’s work cut out!

We’re ALL now working to a deadline of EVERYTHING being ready for a print-run by the beginning to the middle of June! This will then mean that the book will be ready for the shelves in time for the summer school holidays 🤞🏼

For my part I’ve been busily contacting people who may wish to stock the book – PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN THINK OF A SHOP, SCHOOL, ANY PLACE where you think this book would be well-placed to get its message across to the children it’s aimed at.

I also looked to update & refresh my own professional body memberships etc. I am a qualified Neuro- Lingusitic- Programming practicioner (NLP) and had let my membership to the professional body ( ANLP) lapse. As I only write about NLP now & do not deliver face to face advice any longer- I am only an Associate Member, but still very pleased to be so- they are very rigourous at vetting who can be accepted, so I feel quite chuffed!

ANLP membership

This also means I can now add the professional logo to my website……I feel a call to my technical team- aka as my son Glenn- to help me with that bit! As you’re probably fathoming out by now, I really couldn’t be doing all of this on my own…..maybe we’ll start our own publishing house one day? 📚

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nlp-qualify-pic.png

Here’s me back in 2016 qualifying in NLP- in Lincoln, under the amazing tutelage of Philip Underwood who taught us Progressive NLP. The year long course included Energy Psychology, EFT, EMDR, Hypnosis & so much more. It was the most amazing course & year of my life when my husband & I were blessed to make such lovely friends at the same time as qualifying as practicioners. During the year we overcame our own self-sabotaging blocks, meaning we finally moved to our beloved Cornwall 3 months after completing the course!

You’ll notice the big yellow arrow, above the only man on the course- that’s my husband Paul & I’m to the right of him. He also uses this photo for his work …… why he needed a huge yellow arrow to pinpoint himself when he’s obviously the only male on the course, I don’t know- ha ha- needless to say I’m not quite so desperate to be seen – suffice to say I’m there. 👋

I also joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) this week & am really looking forward to immersing myself in all that entails. I’ve already had positive feedback from their very welcoming FB group where I’m allowed to share these blogposts.

The thing that took me by surprise this week, after re-newing my membership with the ANLP is that I am now allowed to use letters after my name – how swanky!

Laraine Turner or rather Lally A Turner ( that’s me when I have my Author’s hat on) can now be Lally A Turner MANLP

MANLP stands for Member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming- but for my purposes – to me it stands for ‘ Mossy, A New Limitless Project‘ … I really hope so 💖

Getting there………………….

Thanks again to everyone for your continued encouragement- it means alot

Have you liked Mossy’s own FB page yet, it’s all about kindness. She believes that all humans are full of loving kindness which is why they are called ‘Humankind’.

or, indeed the Kids of Kernow FB page where I post about Kernow, children’s mental health & the importance of reading etc.

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2 thoughts on “Deadlines and letters -ANLPSCWBI

  1. Wow what an update. Looking forward to the next blog.

    What about asking some of the independent shops in your home/school town of Grantham to stock your book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Yolanda- & thanks for the idea of contacting shops back in Grantham- must admit, that hadn’t crossed my mind. Thanks, my lovely xx


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