Should I have tried? πŸ˜•

Andy’s excellent original

I love the illustrations that Andy Templar has created for my book …..

So, then I thought why don’t I have a go?

– now that Im learning how to paint with watercolour thanks to the wonderful instruction of Lynne Holehouse

Step 1

Copying the drawing – not too scary!

Step 2

Drawing the face was though!

Step 3

Masking out bits – excellent lesson to learn, so as not to mess up bits that need to be painted in greater detail!

Step 4

See what I mean!

Step 5

Welly time! Remembering to work from light to dark- so why I started with the dark brown handbag I’ll never know- ha ha!

Step 6

Starting to get engrossed now- forgetting to eat or drink – on a mission!

Step 7

Beginning to come together – but that tricky Cornish tartan heart keeps looking at me!

Step 8


Step 9

Pleased with it, but it looks a bit too clean & pristine – Mossy does a lot of meandering along coastal paths & lives in Puddleglenn -so things don’t stay clean for very long!

Step 10

She seems happy enough tho! πŸ™‚

Step 11

Think she needs to actually be in Puddleglenn & where’s Kismet, they’re seldom apart?

Step 12

That’s better!

Step 13

Hope Andy thinks I’ve done his lovely creation, justice!

Step 14

Hope that looks like a puddle from Puddleglenn & not that she’s had an accident, bless her!

Step 15

I’m forgiven- she’s happy it looks like a puddle πŸ™‚

Is it normal that I talk to my characters ???

Step 16

Ta Dah! Finished …………………….it wouldn’t, would it, without Kismet!

Step 17

He insisted on a close-up!!

Step 18

YAY! That’s more like it- she’s lived in that coat a bit now! πŸ™‚

Step 19

All ready for more adventures!

(And it only took me about 7 hours, lol)

Thank you SO much Andy for your creation – it was great fun making her a bit more watery!

You can follow Mossy on her own FB page kidsofkernow where she posts about all sorts, but mostly, kindness.

Any comments about my watercolour attempt of Mossy will be gratefully received- but like Mossy- please be kind! πŸ™‚

Thanks again for keeping me company every Friday, love Laraine x


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