Where is Puddleglenn?

Firstly- my apologies to you all, as I truly expected to have some mega- exciting news to share this Friday.

But as I’m rapidly discovering, it can take a good while to get to milestones during this long journey in self-publishing and, as in life, things don’t always go to plan!

So, instead- I’m sharing some beautiful photographs of Puddleglenn with you- taken this week during a visit to Mossy & Kismet as, obviously, I had to let them know about the unexpected delays too! πŸ˜‰

I’ll let Mossy tell you about each photo because- well, she lives there & I don’t!

Where we jump over & scramble under for exercise!
Where Kismet hides from the runner ducks!
Our favourite thing to do in May – watching the ferns uncurl πŸ™‚
My favourite place to sit in Puddleglenn!
Our beautiful waterfall πŸ’–
I spend hours here everyday!
….and here, looking for Fairies!
We know that humans pass by Puddleglenn, because they leave us beautiful messages πŸ’–

Thank you for sharing Puddleglenn with us Mossy- you and Kismet are very lucky to live there!

To dispel the illusion – as sadly I must- Puddleglenn is in reality, the most amazing place on my North Cornwall doorstep called St Nectans Glen- if you’ve never visited – I really urge you to!

It is THE most beautiful place on the planet in my opinion- find out ALL about it & the amazing waterfall etc here

πŸ’–I couldn’t have chosen a better setting for Mossy & Kismet, could I?πŸ’–

You can keep up to date with Mossy on her very own FB page & fingers crossed I do have that exciting news to share, next week!


Thanks again, as always, for keeping me company every Friday – it is very much appreciated!

Laraine xxx

( Mossy & Kismet)


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