UPDATED Pre-orders now available!🤩

FINALLY -I can share my mega -exciting news with you all!

From today, I can accept pre-orders for the 1st in the ‘Kids of Kernow’ series of books

‘ Magical Mossy in Boscastle’

There are 3 versions of the book available to choose from


HARDBACK (Limited edition)- £11.99

HARDBACK signed (Limited edition)-£19.99

I feel very blessed to have you, my many followers keeping me company every Friday, virtually holding my hand whilst I’ve been navigating this self-publishing journey & I am eternally grateful to you all.

You know who you are and your support means SO very very much to me, THANK YOU!

Click here to pre-order your copy

The size of the print run depends wholly on how many pre-orders I can collect!

I am self-funding both the production and the print run of the book myself – so it calls for a fine balancing act on my part and is the most important part/learning curve of this self-publishing journey- so far!

My mission will finally be in print- to help children believe in themselves and to not be held back by learned disempowering thoughts or emotions.

‘Knowledge is power’


I believe that the book’s message will help every child who reads it or has it read to them – so thank you for making that happen!

with much love & gratitude

Laraine xxx

12 thoughts on “UPDATED Pre-orders now available!🤩

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks my lovely. I’ll order 3 for you & hand them to you in person to save postage 🙂 They should physically exist by the beginning of the summer school hols xxx


    1. Hi Steph, thanks for the order. Much appreciated. It should physically exist by the beginning of the summer school hols. I’ll order 1 for you & hand deliver it, to save you postage xxx


    1. Hi! Of course, the best way is to go to the pre-order page within the menu of the website http://www.kidsofkernow.com and place your order there.
      Sorry for the late reply but I’ve unfortunately been in hospital with my elderly Mum since Sunday, but it looks like she’s over the worse now & should be going back to her Nursing home by the end of the week. 🙂 xx


    1. Thanks for the order Julie- keep following my blog for when the print run’s finished & the book physically exists, so as I can send all orders out. Much appreciated xxx


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