Getting all my ducks in a row!

My ACTUAL ducks in a row!

Hi there, my lovely followers- just a quick update from the laptop of the Author of

‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’

I actually feel able to say that now, even though, I suppose, it has always been true!

However, now that pre-orders are rolling in- I think I’m growing more comfortable with the reality of it all!

So, once again a BIG THANKYOU to all of you who have already pre-ordered and shared the fact that pre-orders are now available – it really means a lot to me!

I’ve even received a pre-order from America!

YEP! Magical Mossy in Boscastle has gone global!!!!!!!


…….enough pre-orders have now been received to make the smallest print run available, viable.


So- it’s been a week of getting my ducks in a row- for my part, I’ve sadly not been able to do much work promoting the pre-orders being available this week as Mum’s still in hospital – so visiting & sleeping has been all-consuming……but, I’m back on it next week!

However, the rest of the team have continued to be busy!

Work in progress

At the moment, Andy, my illustrator is working on a line drawing of Mossy and Kismet.

I intend to offer this for sale (the signed original & prints) as well as my own Watercolour version of Mossy & Kismet (again the signed original & prints) to continue to help funds for perhaps even a larger print run ………………..

Original watercolour by me

I really want the book under as many children’s noses as possible so I will unashamedly be looking at ways to collect further funds in order for the largest possible print run to be actualised- allowing the important message/s that the book contains to reach as many children as possible.

In the meantime, the book is with my second editor whilst she proofreads & copy edits-

(a really lovely lady called Sarah Dawes.)

Next, the book will go back to Olli at Blue Poppy Publishing for his perusal before I get a final look at it and can be sure it is as I want it to be- all very exciting!!

Then………………….drum roll………………………………………………..THE ACTUAL PRINT RUN!

We’ve always been working towards early to mid June for the print run. That would then mean that the books can be on shelves and in everybody’s hands by the time the summer school holidays come around.

To be honest I’m not sure what goes on between the print run and the book being made available but I guess the little book elves come in and dust each copy with magic dust and that’s what takes up all the time ?!?!

That must be right, eh? Anything else sounds far too grown-up & boring, so I’ll stick with that!!

Finally – please continue to share the word that Magical Mossy in Boscastle is available for PRE-ORDER

Thank you, thankyou and once again, thank you.

See you next Friday !



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