Kids of Kernow are venturing into Devon!

I am uber excited to share with you all that I have had confirmation from the wonderful book shop that is Arcturus Books in Totnes- that ( drum roll)………………………………………… they will be stocking ‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ upon its publication!

Hubby & I took a short break in Totnes last week as ( even though it’s in Devon!) it is one of our favourite places.

Leechwell ( Holy Well)

I had an inkling I was in for some good luck as on the first day there, a seagull decided to poop on me!!

My dad always used to say that bird muck was a sign of good luck- although having to buy some replacement trousers didn’t immediately make me think so, but………

They were other signs, too!

We always park by the waterfront in Totnes and look what greeted us.


I obviously had to take photos – little did I know there’d be a third sign too!

Literally the third sign!

…………….and as we all know 3 is the magic number & then, as we always do when in Totnes we made our way to THE best book shop in town & bought wonderful new reading material.

At the till, I happened to mention to Meg, the lovely owner, that I’d written a book that will very shortly be published & the rest as they say is history!

By the way, I received the quote for the print run today- ok, so I’m not going to be a millionnaire any time soon- but who ever went into writing to make money? Lol

(Believe it or not – I’d be much worse off if I’d found an agent & pitched to a traditional publisher. I’d have absolutely no control over anything and would actually make much less money per each book sold-so, self-publishing isn’t all bad & most importantly I get my important messages out there for the next generation, my way!

So- apart from being able to pre- order still off this website – TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

You now have a choice of 4 stockists to choose from and go into a real shop and make your purchase!

I am literally branching out into the wider world – ALL VERY EXCITING!

Arcturus Books has been present on the high street in Totnes (Fore Street) for over 30 years helping to inspire locals and visitors to the area alike with its specialist collection of books on Spirituality, Psychology, Philosophy, Self Help, Ecology and more.


🤞See you next week- with hopefully a date for the print run🤞

Laraine xxx

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