What MUST all writers have?( It’s not a pen!)

Hi there lovely followers… sorry for being a couple of days late this week, sharing my writing journey with you… but hubby & I have been away for a few days in a few different parts of our beloved Kernow- Marazion, Gulval, Penzance & Truro to be precise!

Hubby looking out to St Michaels Mount, Marazion
Beautiful churchyard, Gulval.
Time for a cuppa at ‘The Terrace’, Penzance.
A friendly reminder in Truro! Ha ha!

So…what MUST all writers have if it isn’t a pen? If it isn’t a computer? If it isn’t a plot? If it isn’t some fantastic characters?

In fact it is nothing to do with the writing of the book, itself, at all!

It is what comes afterwards…………………..


What all writers yearn to know, grow panicky about, is whether or not the reader likes what they have written!

I think once a writer has written one book, there are undoubtably more books bursting inside of them, desperately trying to get out…& so what’s stopping them?

Usually, the fact that they don’t know whether their first book ‘cut the mustard’!

I do have Books 2 & 3 ready to go- in the Kids of Kernow series & hopefully Book 2

‘ Mossy casts a spell in Bude’

will be availbale to pre-order/ buy/ be stocked with my wonderful, supportive stockists in time for Christmas🎄

But, writing is a solitary business & this Author would love some encouragement from her lovely Kids of Kernow online family to keep me smiling. 😊

Next on my ‘to do’ list is to put Book 2 through the editing process & gather more of the amazing Andy Templar’s beautiful illustrations together, so as I can carry on getting Mossy’s empowering messages out into the world, to children everywhere.

To know that all of you who have purchased a copy of ‘Magaical Mossy in Boscastle’ & have indeed, read it- have also enjoyed it– would mean the world to me BUT probably, more importantly, would also encourage other parents/ children to read it for themselves, too!

I am on a mission to educate children everywhere- not just in Kernow- to understand how to use their own magical minds.

Please help me to continue to instill in children that they are in control of their own thoughts & emotions & that magical thoughts & emotions lead to magical lives.



…..goes to those of you who have already sent me the reviews-on my reviews page




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