I need your VOTES!

Get me, I sound like a politician!

No- I don’t think that’s something I’d like to be, although my Dad did used to stand as an Independent candidate back in the day- so it’s probably in my genes?

But NO!

What I need your votes for is the Platinum Awards 2021

Specifically within the category of ‘Well-Being Author’ which is where my little book comes in!

It is selling very well locally (& even in Devon!) and lots of you lovely followers also pre-ordered from me so I’m hoping to transfer those sales into votes!

As I’m only newly published I know it is a BIG ask to come away with THE award itself but to be shortlisted/ gain a significant amount of votes would certainly raise the profile of


………..and more importantly the message that it conveys – that children can be in control of their own thoughts and emotions & by doing so can live magical lives- YAY!!

****************************HOW TO VOTE*********************

All you need to do is click on the Platinum Award 2021 clickable sign which appears on the bottom of every single page of my website www.kidsofkernow.com AND on the home page, too!


It would be absolutely amazing to be in with a chance of winning this award…..

Just imagine how many more children we could help with this award raising awareness of Mossy, Kismet & their magical ways!


πŸ’š PS Please tell your friends πŸ’š

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