Tired but VERY grateful!

I wish my eyes were as bright as Mossy’s!

I think this week’s blogpost may be quite short considering how many matchsticks I have, losing a fighting battle, to keep my eyes open today!

I have SO much to be grateful for this week, tho- my lovely followers!

1- The reviews for MAGICAL MOSSY IN BOSCASTLE that are coming in on practically a daily basis!

2 -The number of people voting for me in the Platinum 2021 Awards in the ‘Well-being Author’ category! ( If you’d like to vote, but haven’t yet, click on any yellow voting square found on the bottom of every page on my website )

3- My editor moving work around to fit in the edit of Book 2 MOSSY CASTS A SPELL IN BUDE for me, so that it’ll hopefully be available for pre-order in OCTOBER & on the shelves in time for CHRISTMAS!

4- Andy Templar– who, apart from working full-time, is also fitting in creating wonderful illustrations for Book 2 -then, he also drove to collect more stock for shops that had sold out in Boscastle to save me a journey!! Freeing up my time for promotional work & advertise the official book launch, NEXT TUESDAY!

5-All of you & the shoppers buying the book! Meaning our stock for the launch has now slightly dwindled, lol.😧

6- Many of you sending me really touching messages of support once you have voted/ bought the book. I am feeling SO blessed!πŸ™

7- Paul & Glenn ( Hubby & Son) continuing to be wonderfully supportive- in, oh so many ways- but, actually going out last night & leaving me to some stillness, silence & solitude, to gather my many racing thoughts, was heaven! LOL!🀣

So- I have the weekend to get some sleep!

😴😴 😴😴

Then, Monday, to get a grip & get organised ready for the official book launch in BOSCASTLE.

Wish I was there, today !

I know that some of you have promised to pop by- one of you, all the way from Nottinghamshire- & one of you , all the way from Somerset!

( You know who you are, you crazy, lovely ladies!)

If you are local, or crazy, or both – I’d love you to pop by & keep me, Andy, a raven called Branwen & an owl called Ash company for a while.

Wish us all luck for a lovely, awesome day, won’t you?




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