Celebrating and skedaddling!

Hi there- my lovely & growing throng of followers 👋

😊It’s lovely to see the numbers of new followers increasing week by week😊

When you’ve time, be sure to check back over previous blogposts as I do believe I’ve posted regularly, every week since March- so some previous ones may also be of interest to you!

Just as I’m welcoming my new followers – I’m now going to announce that I’m actually going to be taking a break from my blog for a few weeks – until October, in fact!

That’s becaue I have a lot of celebrating to do & NOT all book related, either!


25 years ago on August 24th 1996- I married Paul at Grantham registry office- & Glenn was our best man!

We thought we’d celebrate our silver wedding anniversary in style – and so, (restrictions permitting!) we are off to Scotland (via Cambridge & Grantham) – to Edinburgh, followed by a 6 day Outlander tour, Loch Lomond, Edinburgh again, Grantham again & then finally back home to Cornwall!

(Glenn gets the short straw and is bungalow & cat sitting, lol!)

We enjoyed the actual day, itself, by indulging in a couple’s Spa day, locally …..it was SOOOOOOOO lovely!

Previous anniversaries always seemed to get lost amongst school holidays & bank holidays and we would occassionally treat ourselves to a meal out- but decided that we should really make an effort – considering we’ve made it to 25 years!

So, that’s what we’re doing!


………………………. the story has been edited & is with Olli my publisher & being formatted.

My map for inside the front cover is finished & is again, with Olli, as is my first ever illustration for any book!

It was largely left to me because it had to look child-like & Andy’s work is far too good to ever be considered that!

See what I mean!
  • P.O.P- stands for ‘Prevent Ocean Pollution’ & you’ll find out more about that when you read Book 2!

Andy’s working hard on the rest of the illustrations which’ll obviously be of a much higher standard than mine!

So- until October 1st– it is au revoir- I wonder if our Scotland adventure will result in a series called ‘ Kids of Alba’…..nah- it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?

***************STOP PRESS*****************

As I write this, there’s news that before our skedaddling to Scotland Magical Mossy in Boscastle is very likely to be available to buy from Bude’s very own Independent Book shop!


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