Hi there, lovely followers- & thank you SO much for your orders for both Books 1 & 2 that continue to come in- I love it when I open my laptop in the morning & see new orders 📚

I especially love seeing whereabouts across the UK & sometimes, the world, my books & their important messages will be winging their way to, next time I’m armed with parcels at the local P.O. in Bude 🏤

This week on Facebook I have been posting daily on multiple Facebook groups…’7 Days of local stockists’ & emphasizing that my books will never be available on AMAZON. This is because I wish to support local businesses that support me, by stocking my books.

If, you too, are local to North Cornwall- then click here to find a stockist near you.

If you are not local then the ONLY ways to order a copy of my books is either via my own website’s shop- here or from my publisher Blue Poppy Publishing .

I also hope to be attending some Christmas Fayres locally in the run-up to Christmas- where, apart from ONLY on my website, I will be offering any collectible hardback copies remaining! ( NOT MANY!!)

Hardback & Paperback copies of BOOK 2

Apart from ‘KIDS OF KERNOW’- I do urge you all to support small businesses this Christmas – & I know it sounds ridiculous but, I truly believe that most small business owners actually do a little dance every time you order from them!


Maybe that’s how I’ve recently ended up on crutches ……actually that’s another story….but it probably contributed! 🤣🤣🤣

Till next week!

Lots of love from me, Lally & the recently acquired double trouble called Mortimer & Tales!


Mortimer & Tales ( of the unexpected!)

2 thoughts on “NEVER ON AMAZON📚

  1. Never say never.
    It’s worth bearing in mind that, there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent people selling on copies they previously owned on Amazon at some point in the future.
    Also, if the books really take off – and I am talking for example if you end up getting a TV show or something and start selling in tens of thousands or even millions, then there is nothing at all you can do to prevent Amazon ordering tem wholesale in the normal way. The publisher is never told who is ordering to prevent them from cutting out the wholesaler.
    But you are probably correct that you won’t ever put them on Amazon yourself on purpose because their print on demand system makes it not worth doing. (Except maybe as an ebook)

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