Free Books for children📚

Five weeks ago I popped into my local Library

My local library

…….to see if they’d be interested in holding my Kids of Kernow books so as children could borrow them & access their important messages, for FREE!

I was concerned that maybe some of the very children ( & parents ) I was eager to reach were being excluded, due to finances, & I wanted to put that right!

I was met with an excited response by the library & information assistant- Kymble Eldridge – who had seen my books around Bude & was wondering how to contact me regarding exactly the same thing!

So- my books were gladly accepted, after Kymble asked me to sign them first (getting used to signing my books now, lol)

Spencer Thorn – impromptu signing- last week

…& off they were sent in order to be catalogued .

Nobody knew how long that would take & so this week, I thought I’d pop in, on the off-chance & as luck would have it, they’d been returned all catalogued, looking the part in protective covers, that very morning!

I am obviously very in tune with my local library!

YAY!! All ready to be borrowed!

So- if you know of any local children, who’d like to read ‘ Magical Mossy in Boscastle‘ OR ‘ Mossy Casts A Spell in Bude’ for FREE…..point them in the direction of BUDE LIBRARY


The Kids of Kernow- don’t mind travelling- so wherever you are- if you have a local Library – please ask them to stock my books so as children everywhere can learn how to use their magical minds to live magical lives!


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