Do you like the sound of your own voice?

Well- I guess I’m going to find out whether I do- or not!


Back in November of last year- a lovely lady who liked one of my FB posts contacted me- wondering if I’d like to be a guest on her Podcast.

Quiet Connections

That lovely lady was Hayley Stanton – one of the Directors & Coaches of an absolutely wonderful company called ‘Quiet Connections’-

Along with Stacie, her fellow Director – ‘Quiet Connections’ – help people to grow from being socially anxious to quietly confident. Their company’s services are jam-packed with juicy ingredients to help people move beyond fear & anxiety, re-framing ‘quiet’ & gently encouraging confidence, enabling everyone who uses their services to live a more fulfilling life.

One of their juicy ingredients is their ‘Quiet Connections’ PODCAST!

Check these out! I’ve listened to nearly all of them (checking out the competition, lol) & have learned SO much.

Guests vary from Stress & Anxiety Master Coaches, An Author & Cheerleader of Hope, Career Coaches, EFT( Emotional Freedom Techniques) Therapists, Body Image Specialists to Business Coaches & now- your little ‘ol Children’s author from North Cornwall!

I was very humbled to be asked & wondered whether Hayley had actually made a mistake in asking me- getting me confused with some other Author.

But, what Hayley was interested in, was my background as a Behavioural Learning Mentor & how I’ve transferred that skill set into magical adventures for the enchanted ‘Kids of Kernow’- helping children to overcome fear & anxiety with my own special brand of Kernow magic.

Me & my books 🙂

I was honoured.

However, when I saw that the average length of each podcast was about an hour long- my heart sank……could I really talk for that long??

Hubby – ( obviously biased ) told me I had nothing to worry about on that score. ( RUDE)

So- I thought ‘ What’s the worst that could happen’ & I do SO want my empowering messages for children to get out into the wider world- so I agreed & then got on with Christmas-

A very tiny part of me hoped that maybe Hayley would get busy & forget about me & get a ‘proper’ guest instead- but, oh no- come January, Hayley contacted me again & the rest as they say is history!

The most surprising thing is, I absolutely LOVED doing it- made all the easier by Hayley being a fantastic host/interviewer. We even had a short ‘getting to know you’ call a few days before yesterday’s recording which put me at ease & took away any irrational nerves.

As part of the ‘interview’ I was asked to share times in my life when I struggled with social anxiety myself. It was very revealing to go down memory lane & recall those times & then reflect how those incidences have shaped me/ my personality.

If anything, it gave me a much needed confidence boost, really- reflecting on where I’ve been & issues that I’ve overcome.

My Podcast will be aired sometime during February – you can subscribe to their podcasts via the ‘Quiet Connections’ website– but you can also bet your bottom dollar, that I’ll be promoting it when it airs…..

Yes, I’ve definitely grown in confidence in my later years, lol

Seriously though, I am SO grateful to Hayley for inviting to be a guest- to give me a platform to talk about helping children overcome fear & anxiety & also grateful for the lift in confidence it’s given me.

We can all do with someone to fluff our feathers sometimes, can’t we- so Hayley will be forever known to me as my ‘ Feather Fluffer’.

Thank you, Hayley & Quiet Connections. XXX

( Sorry, for the lack of pictures in my blogpost, this week, as my ‘proper’ computer is very poorly & I’m having to use a really old computer which isn’t Laraine Turner compatible – lol)

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