Mossy’s 100 days of kindness


I came across this really lovely little book in Street, Somerset the other week whilst I was visiting my good friend, Trea & just KNEW that Mossy would like it – (as you all know)- Mossy adores kindness & believes that humans are full of loving kindness which is why they are collectively known as ‘humankind‘.


Extract from BOOK 1 – Magical Mossy in Boscastle

When I showed Mossy- she immediately wanted to do what the little book suggests – to make an extra effort to do an act of kindness for 100 days!

She started 4 days ago & posts about what she does on both her very own FB page & Instagram account! ( She’s SO with it- for a fictional character, lol!)

You can check these out for yourself …..but here’s a taster of how she was kind!

Being kind to plants by talking to them!
Hugged a tree!

Please follow Mossy to see what she gets up to for the remaining 96 days!!

Maybe you’ll like to join in & do 100 days of acts of kindness yourself?

I think I will- although mine & Mossy’s acts may very well look similar!😜

Whether you manage 100 days or not – ALWAYS BE KIND

You never know what somebody else is going through!


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