We are SO lucky- here in Bude, to have an amazing community website called

‘ Bude and Beyond’

-sharing all the community news that affects both the inhabitants and tourists alike, of Bude and beyond!


Bude Sea Pool, Beach, Chapel Rock & the Storm Tower in the distance
Crooklets Beach

There is always a lot going on in our community & possibly because we are a little remote here, geographically- we all try a bit harder to make sure there’s a lot going on & that everyone knows about it!


This week I have been lucky enough to feature on it- not once, but twice!

Firstly – my books were reviewed by Dawn, the Editor of the site.📚

Totally unexpected and a lovely write up. Thank you, Dawn!

Here’s an excerpt :

‘The books tell lovely stories set in Boscastle and Bude, so they have a uniquely Cornish flavour. However, they are also more than just story books, for they incorporate ‘magical’ neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques used to empower children. Not to be shied away from, NLP is used in many walks of life, and is a psychological approach to strategy.

During her career in education, Lal worked with children of all ages who displayed various barriers to learning, from lack of confidence and fear to low self-esteem and communication issues, so the book contains different ways thinking and visualising to helping children to deal with worries and concerns.’

Book 2, still appearing in the window of Bude’s Independent Book shop- Spencer Thorn !

Then, as I thanked Dawn and mentioned that it was in fact timely to be promoting my books because this week was ‘ Children’s Mental Health’ week- Dawn invited me to write an article for the website, myself!

Click here to read the whole of that article!

But here’s a sneak preview- including a photo of a young, grumpy me, lol

‘The sad news for me, is that it has taken a pandemic to highlight that children’s well-being and happiness in schools is something to be taken seriously and invested in.

During my 20 years plus of working in pastoral education, I often became frustrated when Ofsted overlooked the valuable work my colleagues and I delivered. This primarily consisted of breaking down the many varied barriers to learning that children presented with.

The school’s ‘good’ Ofsted reports often never commented on our work or the good results we were achieving and at worst would stop funding for Learning Mentors and the like. Largely, due to the fact, as one Inspector once told me, that their form didn’t include a tick box to show whether a child was feeling happier at school or not.

The last thing I did before leaving my last post in the primary school in Lincolnshire, where I worked, was to achieve the ‘Autism Mark’ for good practice. Achieving this Mark meant that the school had been identified as being able to specifically help a child with Autism to develop skills and strategies to understand situations and communicate their needs, i.e., allowing them to be happy whilst in school.’

A not too happy young me!

So, Bude is probably fed up of hearing about me and my books now, lol- but it’s been nice whilst it lasted!


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