What’s been happening?

Hello there, lovely followers-I hope that you’re all well 😊

I have been absent for – wow- a whole month – looking at the date of my last blogpost!😲

So, what have I and the Kids of Kernow been up to?

In all honesty I think that Mossy has been a lot busier than me!πŸ˜†

Mossy loves kindness

She has been consistently posting about kindness everyday on Instagram & her FB page as part of her 100 days of kindness!❀️‍πŸ”₯

Have you caught any of her posts? I think it’s day 46 today! I wonder what kindness she’ll share with us all today?

For my part- I’ve been being kind to myself & actually took some time off from promoting the books, drawing the map for Book 3, admin, finding more stockists, doing accounts etc etc. I suddenly realised that when I worked in schools I had time off at half- terms etc & yet since I’ve become an Author – I just keep going & going! 🀣🀣🀣

I was supported by storm Eunice leaving us with no electricity on Friday ( blogpost days) 18th February & the following Friday was my birthday & surely it’s illegal to work on your birthday🎈🎈🎈

In fact, I wasn’t even here!

Instead, I went back to where I was born (& moved away from when only 14 months old!) Cuckfield, near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

I had a wonderful few days away with my lovely hubby- going back to my roots, visiting friends and to re-charge my inner child…..visiting Pooh corner & 100 hundred acre wood!

I even played Pooh sticks on THE original bridge!

Getting ready!
On THE bridge!

You can see how made up I was!!

I think my inner child is definitely alive & kicking in these photos! 🀣🀣🀣

Where I was born- originally a workhouse, then a hospital & now apartments.

Last week- I was all ready to get back to work when I just felt frozen by the awful events in Ukraine and really couldn’t see the point in promoting a couple of children’s books….

In the grand scheme of things – it felt pathetic to even try!πŸ™

On top of that- how could I promote a book, asking Β£5.99, for what may now seem a luxury to many, when people are having to choose between food or fuel.

I must admit I went into somewhat of a downward spiral and like I say, became frozen into non-action.

Until- a lovely friend gave me a telling off saying that the messages in the books are probably more needed now than ever before – helping children to master their own thoughts & emotions to help them deal with anxiety/ fear/ uncertainty and worry about the future.

So, the first thing I did – to buck myself up, really, was to create a new webpage re reviews for Book 2 that have been coming in!πŸ“™


Please check these out & I’d love to hear from your good selves with any reviews of your own, pleaseπŸ™

( For either book 1 or 2- all would be very gratefully received)

Either comment on this blogpost with your review/s or contact me here.


Here’s to happier times for us all!


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