Guess who I’m rubbing shoulders with?😲😲😲

As it says on Bude’s FIRST EVER Literary festival‘s home page …..


Local writers and performers will be rubbing shoulders with award-winning novelists, illustrators, comedians, poets and performers. Expect to see Raynor Winn, Patrick Gale, Satish Kumar, Emily Hamilton, Henry Normal, Julie Sykes, Andy Parsons, Natalie FΓ©e, Rob Auton and Jim Causley, plus many more. Local schools will also benefit from free workshops by renowned writers.

I can’t quite believe that I am one of those local writers!


I am presently suffering from bouts of imposter syndrome whilst at the same time being hideously excited to be reading the second book in my ‘Kids of Kernow’ series to an audience at Bude Library on May 18th 4.30pm-5.30pm..( For ages 7+ )

This will be a FREE event, but tickets will still need to be booked, in order to gauge numbers.

Earlier, that day I will be delivering readings/ activities linked to the story- at local primary schools.

I am gearing up for a fun-filled day myself & hope that everyone who attends has a fun time too!

I’m pleased that my ‘slot’ is on the first day of the festival- (which lasts until & including the 22nd May) – as there are SO many amazing events happening that I can’t wait to attend, myself!

Check them all out here!

I’m especially looking forward to Raynor Winn, Luke Wright & Henry Normal…..for starters!!



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