Which charity will BOOK 3 support?

Hi there, lovely followers……

Today I can reveal that the charity to benefit from a percentage of the profit made from each sale of the 3rd BOOK in the KIDS OF KERNOW children’s series

‘ A Bridge Too Far In Tintagel?’

will be……….


It was really lovely meeting up with Chelly from the charity the other week and learning about all the good work that this local charity does for its community and beyond!

‘The Pantry’ provides the community with the following:-


“Food and essentials are available weekly , no referral is needed other than you simply just saying you need a hand. All enquiries and chats are 100% confidential, dignity and compassion are paramount. Please know that its ok to ask for help”

The Pantry operates from Tintagel Social Hall, Bossiney Road, Tintagel, UK

At the moment THE PANTRY is open weekly on Fridays from 10.00am – 1.00pm

Please check out their FB page to keep up to date with everything going on there ( including cookery classes) & what’s available, as well as items required, how to help/volunteer etc

Chelly is passionate about the work the charity does and that really comes across in bucket-loads when you meet her in person….

She started the charity last October – seeing the need for provisions for people who- like a lot of us- are often only 1 wage packet away from needing support!

In North Cornwall, a lot of work is seasonal and so, at best, wages coming in can be sporadic, variable & infrequent and THE PANTRY can provide temporary support with food etc, until more hours are forth-coming as the busy season arrives.


THE PANTRY helps the young & old, alike as well as families. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

THE PANTRY is also unique in as much as it prides itself on offering fresh fruit and veg – whereas many ‘Food Banks’ don’t. This means that those people coming to The Pantry can get a more nutritious diet than they would – if their only support was a typical, Food Bank.

Recently the number of families being helped by THE PANTRY has increased – & is currently, helping, on average 70 families.

Chelly & her helpers set out the food & other items available, akin to market stalls so that people can browse & ‘shop’ with dignity.


If you’re struggling- no matter your age, circumstances, whether you’re single or a family THE PANTRY is there for you, USE IT.


BOOK 3 is due out this summer & Mossy, Kismet & I are very proud to support this charity.

But you don’t have to wait until then….support is gratefully received, anytime!

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