Deadlines and letters -ANLPSCWBI

Hi everyone! Crikey- it’s been a blummin’ busy week! I expect it has for alot of you with a whole load of restrictions being lifted across the country-YAY! In my little corner of Cornwall, Launcells to be precise – I’ve been too occupied with all things Kids of Kernow to fully partake of the newlyContinue reading “Deadlines and letters -ANLPSCWBI”

Who made Mossy come to life?

Many many moons ago when I could only visit Cornwall as our family holiday destination, I used to sit in the Tea Garden of the Riverside Hotel, Boscastle- scribbling ideas down for a children’s book. Then, they were ideas for a picture book called ‘When Lally-Ann Twinkles’ ( those scribblings still exist in a dustyContinue reading “Who made Mossy come to life?”