Last Chance to Pre-order Limited Editions

Hi there, you lovely people-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I have been blown away by your support, pre-ordering copies of ‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle.’ A massive thank you to you all & to the many of you who have ordered multiple copies- that made me do a little dance 💃🏼 So, as I mentionedContinue reading “Last Chance to Pre-order Limited Editions”

UPDATED Pre-orders now available!🤩

FINALLY -I can share my mega -exciting news with you all! From today, I can accept pre-orders for the 1st in the ‘Kids of Kernow’ series of books ‘ Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ There are 3 versions of the book available to choose from PAPERBACK – £5.99 HARDBACK (Limited edition)- £11.99 HARDBACK signed (Limited edition)-£19.99 I feel very blessed toContinue reading “UPDATED Pre-orders now available!🤩”

1st Deadline met – illustrations- hurray!

Happy Friday everyone! A very happy Friday indeed in my world because all the illustrations for the first book in the series- ‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ are now complete & with Blue Poppy Publishing ready for the next stage of the journey. All steps involved in getting the first book in the series published areContinue reading “1st Deadline met – illustrations- hurray!”

The inspiration for Kismet and how he’s helping others

Hi there lovely followers 🙋‍♀️ Can’t believe it’s Friday again, already! I’m pleased it is though as I really look forward to writing to you all and sharing updates & info about this ol’ publishing journey I’m on! So- this week I thought I’d tell you about the inspiration behind Kismet- the ‘know-it-all’ raven whoContinue reading “The inspiration for Kismet and how he’s helping others”

Deadlines and letters -ANLPSCWBI

Hi everyone! Crikey- it’s been a blummin’ busy week! I expect it has for alot of you with a whole load of restrictions being lifted across the country-YAY! In my little corner of Cornwall, Launcells to be precise – I’ve been too occupied with all things Kids of Kernow to fully partake of the newlyContinue reading “Deadlines and letters -ANLPSCWBI”

Who made Mossy come to life?

Many many moons ago when I could only visit Cornwall as our family holiday destination, I used to sit in the Tea Garden of the Riverside Hotel, Boscastle- scribbling ideas down for a children’s book. Then, they were ideas for a picture book called ‘When Lally-Ann Twinkles’ ( those scribblings still exist in a dustyContinue reading “Who made Mossy come to life?”