Hello and welcome to the Kids of Kernow website.

I am Lally and do, indeed, live in Kernow!

*Cornwall to those not in the K(er)now*

But that wasn’t always the case………

I was born in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

I moved shortly afterwards to Long Eaton, Derbyshire-where I stayed until I was very nearly 10.

My new Cornish neighbours tell me it’s obvious I grew up there- due to my strong accent. (I don’t have an accent!)

Next stop was Grantham, Lincolnshire.

All moves were caused by my upwardly mobile Dad, (before that even became a ‘thing’) forever being promoted by the Electricity Board.

I was a peculiar child, largely because I shouldn’t have existed.

Mum had my elder sister, Vivienne and then, being unable to have any more children of her own, adopted my two brothers, David and Martin.

When she was 40 years old I suddenly appeared!

I’m convinced I was meant for a totally different planet but instead, fell off the back of a celestial lorry into an unsuspecting earthly womb.

And that’s how I got here!

By the age of 52 I was still twiddling my thumbs in Lincolnshire knowing it wasn’t really where I was meant to be.

Seventeen years earlier, on holiday, I’d discovered North Cornwall and more importantly, Boscastle.

The area had welcomed me and my family like long lost relatives and I immediately knew it was home.

Unfortunately work, money and our Son’s schooling held up my final re-location. But in 2016 everything fell into place and I now reside just up the road from my beloved Boscastle.

The work that had kept me in Lincolnshire was in education, working privately and then in secondary and primary schools.

The different hats I’ve worn include: – Lovaas Behavioural Therapist, Lead Teaching Assistant, SENCO and Behavioural Learning Mentor.

I left the last school I worked in, after acquiring the Autism Mark for them. An area of expertise that’s very close to my heart.

Once in Cornwall I no longer wanted to be restricted by school holidays, wanting instead, to be free to explore the ancient coast and country of Kernow.

Writing, however, continued to call to me……

I’ve always produced written work in one form or another. From lengthy observations of children during my professional working life to Numerology charts.

Writing books for children feels like a natural progression for me.

It allows me to continue helping children, delving into my Mary Poppins- sized metaphorical bag of tools, whilst indulging in and sharing the magical beautiful backdrop of North Cornwall.

The tools I refer to are strategies within the umbrella term of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) including energy work.

I also use all the ‘tricks of the trade’ gathered during my twenty-year plus career in education and pastoral care.

Finally, I add just a sprinkle of magic to make things more palatable to the reader.

My aim is to help children aged 7-11 overcome fear, anxiety, grief, anger and other emotional difficulties by reading magical books, written especially for them. 

My mission is to teach the adults of tomorrow that they are in control of their own thoughts and emotions and not the other way around.

Using only their thoughts, they’ll be amazed at what they can do with their magical minds.

A valuable lesson to learn at any age!

So, come and join the enchanted Kids of Kernow on empowering journeys……..


Having an interest in how the mind works and applying it to young minds wasn’t enough for me – so over the years I acquired the following: –

  • City & Guilds in Learning Support
  • Competency in training young people to be mediators
  • Certificate in Counselling
  • Competency in BIP (Behavioural Improvement Programme) Mentoring
  • Certificate in ‘Making sense of Autism’
  • Certificate in Child bereavement, trauma and emotional well-being

I am also a:-

  • Certified Hypnotic Practitioner- Progressive NLP
  • Certified NLP Practitioner –Progressive NLP
  • Trained in the ‘Special Friends Program’ – The Psychology Tree

And an Associate member of ANLP International CIC 



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