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A raven, kids of Kernow& sunshine this Saturday â˜€ï¸

Hi there, lovely followers- It’s that time again when I emerge from behind my computer to get some much needed sunshine & share what I’ve been up to, with an unexpecting public, lol! 🤣 But, seriously folks- I will be in my beloved Boscastle this Saturday April 16th from 10.00 along with my wonderful illustratorContinue reading “A raven, kids of Kernow& sunshine this Saturday â˜€ï¸”

Guess who I’m rubbing shoulders with?😲😲😲

As it says on Bude’s FIRST EVER Literary festival‘s home page ….. ” Local writers and performers will be rubbing shoulders with award-winning novelists, illustrators, comedians, poets and performers. Expect to see Raynor Winn, Patrick Gale, Satish Kumar, Emily Hamilton, Henry Normal, Julie Sykes, Andy Parsons, Natalie Fée, Rob Auton and Jim Causley, plus manyContinue reading “Guess who I’m rubbing shoulders with?😲😲😲”


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