Just as for BOOK 1Magical Mossy in Boscastle– I am pleased to say that reviews came in for Book 2 – too!


Hardback & Paperback versions of BOOK 2

💚I am mega proud to share the following reviews with you.💚

” Such a beautifully written book, that continues to endear the reader (of any age!) to the wonderful Cornish coast and the joyous characters of Mossy and Kismet. Younger readers, and their families, will take comfort in Mossy’s wisdom when it comes to adapting to a new area and the challenges that brings. Once again, Lally has produced a book that not only seeks to help children by teaching them essential coping skills, but that assists adults in understanding problems from a child’s perspective as well. She has written another award winner, I’m sure.” H. Green- Devon


“These books allow children to come across concepts ( which they may encounter) in a safe environment, allowing emotional exploration.

They also come up with solutions, proven to work!” Quiet ConnectionsCornwall


” I love 💕your books” – JP- Boscastle


” It has taken me a while to read the two children’s books published so far in the planned series, The Kids of Kernow, by locally-based author, Lally A. Turner. I first met Lal at one of my writing groups (where did those days go?) pre-pandemic, but take no credit for these books which were well under way at that time and are now published and available in local bookshops.

The books tell lovely stories set in Boscastle and Bude, so they have a uniquely Cornish flavour. However, they are also more than just story books, for they incorporate ‘magical’ neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques used to empower children. Not to be shied away from, NLP is used in many walks of life, and is a psychological approach to strategy.

During her career in education, Lal worked with children of all ages who displayed various barriers to learning, from lack of confidence and fear to low self-esteem and communication issues, so the book contains different ways thinking and visualising to helping children to deal with worries and concerns.

In the first title, set in Boscastle, main character Mossy (who loves wearing every shade of green) shows a young boy how to not be frightened of crowds. The kindness message is also promoted throughout the book.

In the second title, set in Bude, a family move to Cornwall and the little girl in the book is worried about making friends and starting a new school, while beach cleaning is also incorporated. The books tell stories, address concerns, describe the local landmarks and are also funny and down-to-earth.

My first impulse was to dismiss them as ‘children’s books’ which are no longer relevant to me, but on actually reading them, I found them incredibly enjoyable, learned a few things along the way about Boscastle, and realised that many of the techniques cleverly woven into the stories could help people of any age, anywhere.

It’s a novel idea. Lal is passionate about NLP and helping children aged 7+ to deal with the problems life throws their way. She is already hard at work on the third in the series.

Background notes: Kismet was named after Lal’s cat who sadly passed away between books, aged 15. His personality lives on in Kismet the Raven.

A percentage of the Boscastle book sales goes to Ravenswell, supporting Cornish wildlife, and the Bude book supports Bude Sea Pool.

Well done to Lal on her successes – I think she’s onto a winner. “- Dawn Robinson-Walsh

( Bude & Beyond Community website6th Feb 2022)


” Fabulous books”- W R – Truro, Cornwall


” Beautiful books. Can highly recommend!”- J S St Austell, Cornwall


” So sweet”- Key Stage 2 Primary school teacherCornwall


” Wonderful story, vivid characters! I had quite a few proper chuckles at Kismet’s behaviours & most importantly I think kids are gonna love it & find it helpful. ” GVMT- Bude, Cornwall


” There’s so much magic and imagination in these books- you can really tell the love and time that’s been put into the whole process, thanks again Lally-Ann Turner- the next J. K Rowling right there! “- S Carlile- Derbyshire


” I have read your second book of Kids of Kernow & again it was a delight. Mossy & Kismet feel like old friends now & I am not sure which is my favourite book now! Part 1 or 2? The way Mossy communicates with Lucy in such an uplifting way. It warms my heart. Dealing with new situations is something everyone can relate to & the tools provided by Mossy to help Lucy are concrete & SO helpful for children & adults, as well. I am absolutely hooked, can’t wait for the third book!! Please keep writing. ” TS Glastonbury, Somerset




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