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Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Lally 🙂

I’m 59 going on 7 and I’m very happy about that.

I loved being very young.

In my opinion we’re only allowed to be very young for far too short a time.

Whoever decided that children should grow-up and be adults for most of their lives must have been having an upside-down day.

Another thing that’s upside-down (to me) is – when you’re an adult you get to learn important stuff that would be far more useful to know when you’re young.

My mission is to right (write) that wrong with my series of books- Kids of Kernow 

The Kids of Kernow are lucky enough to already know important stuff without having to grow-up. Imagine that – knowing everything AND being able to stay young, forever!

As you’ll learn, they’re able to stay forever young because they live in magical places within the enchanted lands of Kernow. (Also known as Cornwall)

So, come with me and join the enchanted Kids of Kernow on empowering journeys. Using only your thoughts, you’ll be amazed what you can do with your magical mind.

The books are intended for children, but their messages speak to children of all ages from 5-100 😉

Author & Illustrator of “Magical Mossy in Boscastle”, in…Boscastle, of course!




Based in Boscastle in North Cornwall, Andy has always had a passion for art. However, after completing GNVQ Art and Design at college, his working life followed a different direction.

Then, a chance meeting with a Disney illustrator and producer renewed Andy’s enthusiasm, especially for cartooning and illustration.

Subsequently, he was asked by Lally to illustrate the ‘Kids of Kernow’ series of books, which he has enjoyed considerably.

Andy is extremely thankful to be given the chance to share his artwork, especially considering the positive messages for children conveyed in the ‘Kids of Kernow’ stories.

Andy can be contacted by email :


A bit about me, Oliver Tooley, usually known as Olli.

I set up Blue Poppy Publishing in 2016 when I self-published my first novel. I quickly realised that the process of self-publishing and setting up distribution for books was more complicated than it looked, and, having gone through it, thought that other local authors might want to avoid some of those steps. So I offered to include other self-publishing authors under the Blue Poppy umbrella and the company grew from there.

Blue Poppy authors are still self-publishing, but with a degree of support and guidance behind them, saving them from most of the pitfalls of self-publishing.

I am the first to admit I am not an expert, nor can I guarantee success for a book. Even the big publishing houses can’t do that! But what I do offer is the opportunity for authors to self-publish, remain in complete control, and retain full ownership and rights to their work. If that explanation raises more questions than answers, it could be because even I haven’t completely worked out what I am doing yet!

Despite this, Blue Poppy has published over thirty titles and has many more to come.



I would be lost without the excellent support & technical know-how of this amazing young man who also, just happens to be my son!

Without him there would be no website- Thank you, Glenn.

He is also the inspiration behind the place name of Puddleglenn- where Mossy & Kismet live!

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