The inspiration for Kismet and how he’s helping others

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Can’t believe it’s Friday again, already! I’m pleased it is though as I really look forward to writing to you all and sharing updates & info about this ol’ publishing journey I’m on!

So- this week I thought I’d tell you about the inspiration behind Kismet- the ‘know-it-all’ raven who is Mossy’s loyal companion.

Kismet the Raven

Why a raven & not a dog, cat or something more usual?

The answer lies with a wonderful Cornish charity called Ravenswell-run by the amazing Wendy Ravenowl Winstanley (& her raven, called Branwen.)

Branwen the Raven

This is the (non-profit) charity’s mission: “Ravenswell, Supporting Cornish Wildlife, is a registered charity working throughout Cornwall to relieve the suffering of wildlife in need of care and attention and, in particular, to provide and maintain a rescue home for their reception, care and treatment. We also aim to provide information to the public about animal welfare.”

I first came across Wendy & her beautiful raven Branwen, in Boscastle (of course), whilst on holiday.

I fell in love with Branwen at first sight & was intrigued by her exquisite attractive intelligence which oozed out of her feathers & beady eyes.

That first encounter inspired me to research ravens and I discovered that they are indeed extremely intelligent birds as well as being stunningly beautiful. These qualities reminded me of my own faithful companion, Kismet the black cat. I’ve always suspected that he is a chartered accountant disguised as a cat. This is why he shows such disdain at having to eat & drink from bowls off the floor and pines for his own accountancy firm…..& so the two personas melded in my mind & Kismet the Raven was born!

“I’m sure I should have done my tax return by now!!”

Wendy can be found fundraising for this much needed & worthy cause across the whole of Cornwall along with Branwen, owls & other wild birds, who are at ease with the public, to raise awareness that :-

Many of our wild animals, after the trauma of being injured, abandoned, or sick have to go through further stress and be transported out of the county before being treated, and if they survive, being transported back to Cornwall. There are many stalwart individuals all over the county working hard without much support or resources, helping the animals that come their way.Having such a centre would put everyone in touch creating a large network of wild animal care, creating a pool of expert knowledge.

The MOST AMAZING news is that the centre is nearly there!!

This is excellent news but Ravenswell now need further funds to kit-out these avaries & a small hospital unit ( caravan), so that Wendy can stay over & nurse on-site! It’s a hectic time for the charity at this time of year as many wildlife rescues are beginning to come in & so the following items are desperately needed : milk replacer, baby bird mix, mealworms, dog food and medications. Also carry boxes, heat pads & a host of other equipment.

*The birds, like Branwen which travel around with Wendy will eventually go to forever homes – but in the meantime they also need toys *

I personally support Ravenswell & all they are trying to accomplish & so I have decided that a percentage of sales from my book/s will go to this worthy charity .

Like Mossy, I’m a great believer in kindness, especially kindness to animals as they can’t help themselves!

I am obviously hoping you will buy at least one copy 😉 of ‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ and now you know that you’ll also be supporting a charity that looks after ravens ( & other wildlife) that aren’t as lucky as Kismet, being adopted by a Kid of Kernow & going around the county- empowering children with their own special brand of Kernow magic 🌟

More about how to reserve your copy/ies of ‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’ in blogposts during May. YAY!!!

But, lovely peeps, you don’t have to wait until my book’s out to donate- if this charity’s mission speaks to you, you can contact the charity direct via their website

Have you liked Mossy’s own FB page yet, it’s all about kindness. She believes that all humans are full of loving kindness which is why they are called ‘Humankind’.

or, indeed the Kids of Kernow FB page where I post about Kernow, children’s mental health & the importance of reading etc.

Thanks again for keeping me company 🙏

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