Hi there! Friday again- so it must be time for another blog-post ✍️

This week, I am delighted to share with you all, a sneak preview of what Book 2 is all about, the characters, the illustrations and when, most importantly, you’ll be able to start



Are you ready?

Drum roll- please!


This time, the story is set in Bude ( my home-town ) To be more precise, actually on & around Summerleaze beach & the famous Bude Sea Pool! All the famous landmarks of that area are referred to in the story -like the Storm Tower, Barrel Rock, Whale’s Back Rock and Chapel Rock.

It is again, Mossy – the first Kid of Kernow – and her raven Kismet, that we meet. (You’ll have to wait until Book 3 to meet the second Kid of Kernow!) This time the child that Mossy & Kismet help is called Lucy, who has recently moved to Cornwall from Lincolnshire & isn’t very happy about the fact!

Lucy’s cross with her Dad for changing his job which forced the family’s move and forced her to leave her friends behind. But, worse of all, it now means she has to start a new school!

She struggled with spelling at her old school and was well-below her expected spelling age. Apart from having to start a new school and make new friends, she’s feeling rubbish about herself because she thinks she’s rubbish at spelling and will stand out as the girl who can’t spell!😔

Reluctantly she accompanies her parents to a day out on Summerleaze beach. What she doesn’t expect to find there is an enchanted girl called Mossy and her pet raven who use Kernow magic to help her learn spellings in a whole new magical way!

Mossy also teaches Lucy how to use her own thoughts and emotions to feel really confident about herself AND starting her new school!

(The story also touches on how to prevent ocean pollution.)

1 of the hand-drawn illustrations ( by Mossy!)

Andy Templar my amazing illustrator, has done absolute wonders again – he’s surpassed himself with the cover for Book 2 – don’t you agree?

😮I think it’s even more spectacular than Book 1’s cover😮


There are 4 more wonderful illustrations in the book, itself- I’ll just share the final one with you here- to whet your appetite!

“Kismet looked at the moon and caught Mossy’s eye…”

Book 1’s sales supported ‘Ravenswell’ charity – supporting Cornish wildlife.

To remind yourselves why I chose this charity – please click here.

With the publication of each book, I’d like to help as many charities as possible that are dear to me. Therefore Book 2 will be supporting ‘ Friends of Bude Sea Pool’ (F.O.B.S.P)

A percentage from each book sold will go to this amazing local charity



Lastly- we had to let our beloved cat ‘Kismet’ go to his heavenly kingdom last week – we are still reeling from his loss and the house is SO empty without him.

He will live on as ‘Kismet’ the raven in all of the Kids of Kernow stories – and Book 2 is dedicated to his memory – for it was his personality that inspired that character and his endearing self-important ways.




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