An alternative way to judge a book!

I saw this doing the rounds on Facebook, a few weeks ago, & thought I’d put the first 2 books in my Kids of Kernow series to the test!

Here goes:-

BOOK 1‘Magical Mossy in Boscastle’


“The raven Kismet was sunning himself, as usual, on his favourite jutty-out bit of rock.”

The inspiration for this was taken from this photo, snapped whilst doing the coastal walk between Tintagel & Trebarwith – many moons ago!

BOOK 2 ‘Mossy Casts A Spell in Bude’


” Fluffed up to twice his usual size, the raven Kismet shivered tentatively on top of a yellow beach hut.”

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Kismet the raven features very heavily in both books & yes- he will, in Books 3 & 4 too!

Love him!

Presently, I’m considering Book 4 to be mostly from his viewpoint!

I’ve been told by a fan of my books that whenever her little girl sees a black-coloured bird now, she names it Kismet & expects it to have a conversation with her!

Ahh! Isn’t that lovely!

I’ve been busy, recently having Book 1 re-printed as it SOLD OUT

And so I’ve taken the opportunity to add the award on the front cover & make the blurb on the back a lot clearer!


What do you think?

Both book 1 & 2 are still available to buy direct from me ( if you’re not local) – including collectible hardback copies of Book 2 from here!

πŸŽ…πŸŽ…I’m thinking Christmas presents???πŸŽ…πŸŽ…

Apart from that- as usual, all books are available locally from these stockists & my publisher

AND- BOOK 1 is even on Waterstones website!!

Does that mean that the Kids of Kernow have finally arrived?


Catch you next week!

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