Book 2- I need your comments!

This Friday’s blogpost, my lovely followers, feels a little like deja-vu!

It is where a lot of us first became acquainted, isn’t it?

Remember this blogpost from March 9th?

That’s when I asked you all to comment on my black and white drawing of the map for the first book in the Kids of Kernow series- MAGICAL MOSSY IN BOSCASTLE– I wasn’t sure if it was child-friendly enough or just plain good enough, at all!

( In fact, I never did get around to crediting myself with it in Book 1, lol!)

You all gave me the confidence to continue & with you all following and supporting me- Book 1 was indeed published, along with my map, within the following 4 months & to date has sold nearly 400 copies & as an Author, I am gaining lots of votes to maybe be in with a chance of gaining an award as a well-being author.

( If you’d like to vote but haven’t yet, please see the clickable box on the home page )

What can I say?

Always dare to dream, people!

Then, most importantly, always follow your dreams, no matter what hic-cups you may encounter along the way! 😊

And here I am today, asking again for your encouragement and comments, as I have completed the map for the inside cover of Book 2 in the Kids of Kernow series…….


I especially welcome comments from those of you who know Bude well……

The whole story takes place around the Sea Pool….have I missed anything important out?

Follow my doodlings here ….it took me the best part of a day!

You’ve got to start somewhere!

Trickier than I thought!!
Why did I decide to include 2 chapel rock drawings & what an awkward angle to choose!
Amazingly I found this easier than I expected πŸ™‚
Starting to take shape now!
Not so sure about this- it’s just a ROCK!
I’ve tried to keep the colours of the doors as realistic as possible.
Getting there πŸ™‚
Adding more detail
In its entirety
You’ll notice I’ve learned from my previous mistake & drawn the map for Book 2 so that it clearly appears on 2 separate pages so that no detail gets lost in the middle of the book, this time!
Time to compare to Book 1’s map

I was beginning to go boss-eyed by this point & so tided everything away – deciding to cast a final eye over everything the next day……..which I did & actually decided to do some final tweeking – resulting in this final effort……………………

My completed version
Think the pool looks a bit better now πŸ™‚
Difficult to lose the rubbed out’ chapel rock’ wording entirely but it’ll hopefully be lost in the central fold of the 2 pages 🀞
I’m a bit happier with Whale’s Back Rock, now.
Still my favourite bit!

Well, there you have it!

If you or I can’t think of anything to change/enhance- it’ll get scanned tomorrow & off to Olli at Blue Poppy Publishing ready for him to do his magic & it’ll then, miraculously appear at the front of Book 2-which is still on course for being out in time for Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Book 2- I need your comments!

    1. No! I don’t think it’d actually be visible from the character’s viewpoint in the story – but thank you, for mentioning it! It is unique, isn’t it! πŸ™‚ X


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