A New Year & A New Kid of Kernow!

Happy New Year to one & all- I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas-time and are looking forward to a very happy new year in 2022 ๐Ÿฅณ

I am!


Looking forward to 2022

Largely, because 2022 will see the publication of the third book in the Kids of Kernow series

‘ A Bridge Too Far In Tintagel?’

– all being well, to be published in time for the summer school holidays-

I finished writing this book – along with the first two, back in 2018 & was all set to get them published during 2019. However, a serious illness hit a member of our family and a lot of things & plans ( not just my books ) understandably, quite literally, got shelved. ๐Ÿ˜ž

Then – as our lives were just returning to normal – our landlords came back to the UK & we unexpectedly had to move.

Ha Ha …not actually here- but we felt this wonky at the time!

Therefore, it wasn’t until March 2021 that I returned to my books and started to think about them finally seeing the light of day again!

Just some of the note books of ideas etc I’d accrued in the meantime!

I’m SO glad I did as Book 1 went on to win an award & riding the wave of that success, Andy, my team & I worked all hours, to get Book 2 ready in time to be published for Christmas 2021!


That was very hard going & although the decision to release 2 books in 1 year has proven to be quite successful- I don’t think that neither Andy nor I would say that getting Book 2 ready for publication was exactly enjoyable.๐Ÿ˜จ

Therefore- from now on, we will be a 1 book a year, collaboration…..

I think it is vitally important to enjoy what you’re doing & then it doesn’t feel like work –

We enjoyed this bit! The book launch of BOOK 1 in August 2021

Both Andy & I don’t like ‘ working‘ very much, lol & would much rather be busy making the magic happen in our respective spare rooms, & then let that miraculously turn into beautiful books to read.

READ – Sarah Dawes ( my editor ) & Olli Tooley, aka Blue Poppy Publishing (my publisher) doing the miraculous bits!


I have a lot of re-reading ( line by line) & editing to do this month before I even let my editor see Book 3 & then, Andy & I need to get ‘ Bridge’ ( the next Kid of Kernow ) realised, from the description of her that I wrote, over 3 years ago!

Bridge is very passionate about Kernow, obviously & dresses in the Cornish Tartan colours & is also, known to be more than a tad eccentric!!!

Here’s how I have described her to Andy:-

โ•A mass of black curly hair.

โ• Wears umpteen blue crystal necklaces & bracelets, plus a tiara!

โ• Carries a wand!

โ•Has a dishevelled appearance.

โ•Looks like a 12 year old but waddles like a 112 year old.

โ•Wears a black & gold dress

โ•Wears red tights & has red hair grips in her hair.

โ•Has deep, enticing eyes made up of seven different shades of blue & green.

I know that Andy’s THE most amazing illustrator- but I think I’ve given him an awful lot to work with here, don’t you?

Bless him- hopefully he’ll still be speaking to me after reading this!

I’ll let you know, next Friday!!!


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