BOOK 4- The Right To Write!

Hi there, everyone & thank you for your comments on last week’s blogpost- it’s lovely to know that :

  1. My blogposts actually get read, lol
  2. You are all looking forward to Book 3 – YAY!! πŸ€—
  3. It’s really lovely to hear that & encourages me to keep going! ✍🏽

As I said in last week’s blog – the first 3 books in the KIDS OF KERNOW children’s series were actually written back in 2018.

SO, you can imagine that I’m more than a little worried about writing Book 4…..

Have I still got what it takes?

Me ? Worried??? 🀣


πŸ“š Get the text (only) of Book 3 edited week beginning February 7th ( all booked in !)

πŸ“šMake final decisions about the drawings I need to do for the map inside Book 3

πŸ“š Whilst in Tintagel taking photos & rough sketches ready for map drawings- remember to indulge in a cuppa & something sweet from Charlie’s Cafe, Tintagel ( the setting for a lot of the story!)

πŸ“š Liaise with Andy to get all illustrations completed for early May so that there’s time for the rest of the team to do their magic to get the completed files to the printers in late June/early July! ( PS- he is still talking to me after last week’s instructions! LOL)

πŸ“š…….and, whilst all of that’s going on…..start writing Book 4!😲😲😲

Still learning !

I already have absolutely LOADS of ideas, including the setting- but I feel I need a little bit of help to get started.

Therefore, along with my very good friend Trea Schaar ( accountability buddy) I have begun reading & more importantly doing the exercises in the book by Julia Cameron ‘ The Right To Write’.

If you’re not familiar with her books, I can highly recommend them – in fact it was her book ‘ The Artists Way’ that helped me find the confidence, last year, to finally decide to get Book 1 published.

Although it’s called ‘ The Artist’s Way’ – it is about being creative – generally- & unblocks any blocks you have that are preventing you from giving free reign to your creative side!

Maybe that speaks to you? If so, here’s what the book looks like & it is available from all good book shops.

The Artists Way- an excellent book/course!

However, before reading either of Julia Cameron’s books – the below was & still is, true!


So, it looks like I’m going to be kept, quite busy during 2022…..

BUT, to take a break before all the madness begins- Paul & I are off to Wells, Somerset for the weekend. One of our favourite places to visit & it has the added lovely bonus that it’s not too far from Trea’s house – so we can get to actually SEE each other! Zoom is a wonderful invention but it’s SO good to get-together in person πŸ§‘πŸΌβ€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸΌ.


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